Hoof Bags - Coral
Hoof Bags - Coral
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Hoof Bags - Coral

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Terry Daniels Hoof Bag

Description: In the process of planning the Anitopisi Room, Elder (Terry Daniels),
Striped Earth, “Auinkdumiauda”a Stoney Nakoda Traditional Knowledge
Keeper, was asked to make a hoof bag to spiritually bless our activities
in this space. Made from elk hoofs, porcupine quills, red treaty cloth,
deer antler, and using home tan deerskin that belonged to her late
mother, the the bag is embellished with beautiful bead and quill work

The seven porcupine quill chiefs around the base of the bag represent
Treaty Seven Territory where Elder Striped Earth lives. An orange shirt
honours residential school survivors and those who didn’t make it
home and who would have been ancestors or elders today. The red
dress represents Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and
Two Spirit Persons. A Medicine Wheel on the top of the bag, beaded
using the mountain design, honours the many teachings of the wheel
used by indigenous peoples. The four strips of hometan deerskin
beaded and with deer antler buttons, represent the four pillars of the
world and our relatives the animals. The beads that trim the red trade
cloth represent the four seasons. Beautifully crafted and created
specifically for this room, Elder Striped Earth prayed as she beaded and
stitched. If you wish to touch the hoof bag, please do so with the same
care and respect that spiritually guided it’s making.