Our Artists

Hear from our incredible local artists who create beautiful handmade products for the Banff Trading Post.


Terry Daniels, Stoney Nakoda Elder

Tell us a little about your life and when you started creating?

I grew up in Morley and have lived on the reservation my entire life. When I was 7 years old, my mother taught me how to bead and create most of her traditional artwork. And on the other hand, my father taught me how to live off the land - from hunting, to picking wild berries and other useful things.

I am also a child welfare cultural worker on the reserve, where the kids like to call me grandma. I also teach culture beadwork in public schools in Exshaw, Canmore, and Calgary, and my son Kirby helps out too.

What influences you and your work?

I love creating pieces that are made with materials directly from the earth. It helps me create beautiful products and feel more connected to nature.

My love and ability to collect materials in nature comes from my from my father, who was the most connected to earth than anyone I know.

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Kirby Poucette, Stoney Nakoda

When did you start beadwork?

I started beading when I was 7 years old.

Who influences you and your work?

Madonna. I LOVE Madonna. I feel like I know her. I’ve read all of her books, listened to all her music, watched all of movies, and watched her in concert twice (Rebel Heart in Edmonton, and Sticky & Sweet in Vancouver).

Madonna really inspired me to push my work and taught me to always be myself no matter what other people think, especially about being two-spirited (gay). A big reason why my beadwork is colourful!

Tell us about your use of Pride Colours?

I’ve been two-spirited since birth, which is my spiritual identity for being gay.

I grew up surrounded by gay family members and friends, including men who dressed in drag, and I think this really helped me to be proud of who I am.

I use Pride Colours in my beadwork to reflect my two-spirit and hope that it inspires others to embrace their identity too.