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Fur & Braid Moose Suede Mitt


-These mitts are made from exceptionally soft yet durable moose hide suede leather and offer a soft faux fur cuff. and a decorative braid trim.
-Liners are made from a thermal acrylic pile. This pile wicks moisture away from the hand and breathes through the leather. Your hands are left dry and warm.
-Tried and tested for decades, our mitts withstand the frigid temperatures to at least -35.
-All liners are removable for ease of hand washing and hang drying. Liners are also replaceable down the road as the outer leather shells will offer you super longevity.
-The leather stays soft and pliable even in extreme below zero temperatures. This is due to the natural oils and properties of the moose hides.
-If you suffer from raynaud’s, arthritis or frostbite, our customers are satisfied with the protection and warmth our mittens offer.
-Our mittens are unisex and generously sized. Women will wear our extra small if they are petite, small size for average, and the occasional medium if she has fairly large hands. Our gents will wear medium and large and the occasional extra large if he has a really big paw.

About the Company: Hides in Hand

During the 1950’s, the Halton Hills area was well known for the leather industry and it’s many quality glovers and tanneries. The surrounding area offered premium hides from horse and cow, all holding perfect natural qualities for crafting industrial gloves and apparel. Business couldn’t be better for the leather industry.

Colour:  Black & Tan